Our team is made up of experienced professionals with complementary profiles.

Trained at the greatest financial institutions, we offer a service based on enduring performance, mutual confidence, and respect for your confidentiality.

Eric Séheux


Raja Saidi Kachtouli

Director General

Milène Gullient


Frédéric Poilpré

Chief Operating Officer

Élodie Ségalen

Private manager

Thomas Bley

Family Officer

Myriam Razim

Family Officer

Pierre Salomero

Financial manager

Eudes Lapaz

Quantitative Analyst

Massilva Bourouh

Middle Officer

Mohamed Ouakhadh

Middle Officer

Amani Lahbib

Office Manager

Darnelle N’Kadiaboua Bounsana

Internal control manager

Dorothée Pimont-Nogues

Senior Advisor