For almost twenty years, the personnel of Officium Asset Management have managed the assets of wealthy clients whom they provide with solutions in financial management as well as in the areas of law and taxation.

Our know-how has been built from our convictions, with both determination and humility. Our approach to giving advice favours dealing with wealth globally while taking account of our clients’ life choices. By favouring the human aspect when giving advice, we are able to adapt to a perpetually evolving environment in order to offer the best wealth management strategies.

Our approach favours performance. We are:

  • Attentive: our solutions are adapted to the dimensions of each client and systematically identify your specific needs.
  • Rigorous: we carry out detailed analyses of the set of possible scenarios so as to be certain of offering you the best options.
  • Independent: Officium Asset Management is, in terms of its capital, independent of all other finance groups.