A multi-disciplinary service

Those who have great wealth face, on a daily basis, complex problems in the evolving financial and regulatory environment. They have to deal with a lack of visibility and a host of agents requiring a significant commitment of time and energy. Often dealing as they do with many banks, and a variety of asset classes, it is difficult for them to determine and apply a strategy destined to create value and to maintain their wealth.

Our role, in complement to your traditional advisors (accountants, tax experts, lawyers, private secretaries), is to ensure their perfect co-ordination. We deploy our expertise while at the same time verifying the coherence which enables one to avoid forgetfulness and duplication. With a proven method, we help you make decisions and we ensure the operational application and follow-up of the latter.

We carry out for you a global reporting of your assets. The detailed risk and performance analysis of your consolidated wealth enables us to validate the coherence of your goals and your different investment strategies.

We have also selected and tested service providers able to accompany you in solving complex problems (due diligence, asset searches, fraud and litigation, investigations, security of goods and persons, crisis management, security of information systems…).