Prior to financial management, the vocation of wealth engineering is to accompany you in the elaboration of your wealth strategy by optimizing your legal and tax situation.

Our approach is long-term. We accompany you in the organization, restructuring, management and transmission of your wealth.

Wealth management requires so great a number of skills that no single professional can claim to master all of this expertise alone. That is why, on some subjects, we consider it necessary to work in close collaboration with a network of specialists. Their know-how and skills complete our own such that we end up with solutions that are “made to measure” and with optimal legal security.

From an operational point of view, our intervention works towards a set of recommendations. The implementation of these recommendations is often carried out by your usual advisors. In case of necessity, Officium Asset Management can also offer you specific resources for this phase of the implementation.

Our mission also involves accompanying you over the long term. In this perspective, we can offer, over time, to adapt the initial strategy depending on changes that may happen to your personal or professional situation or on regulatory and legal evolutions.